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Warranty and Guarantee Details

What does the Warranty Cover?

The Warranty provided with our products covers various elements of the product for varying amounts of time. As third party products are used as part of our products, these items are covered by the 3rd party manufacturer. The individual product warrantees are described below

Joinery Elements

Aspects of the product which are manufactured and fully finished by CHT Joinery are covered by a 10 year warranty against defects and failure. These include but are not limited to timber framing sections, sash assemblies, staircases and glazing beads. These are covered under the warranty as long as the following criteria is met.

  • The frames have not been subjected to damage, misuse or usage not intended for the purpose it was supplied for.
  • The joinery is not submerged in water or in an environment it was not designed and supplied for.
  • Maintenance cycles have been upkept regarding cleaning and painting in line with the paint manufacturers instructions. Please ask for manufacturer and maintenance cycle for paint systems used on your product. In heavily weathered locations and elevations maintenance cycles are reduced and need to be maintained on a more frequent basis.

All external joinery is preserved and end grain sealed prior to any coat system even on unfinished products. The 10 year guarantee does not cover against Rot as this is related to use and maintenance of the paint systems used which are the responsibility of the owner/customer.

All external joinery which is unfinished holds a 5 year guarantee against defects and failure provided the above criteria are met.



Glazing is supplied with a 5 year warranty via our supplier. The warranty covers double or triple glazed units provided they meet the following criteria.

  • The units have been installed as recommended by the supplier. If CHT Joinery has provided preglazed joinery then our supplier is happy to honour the warranty. If glazing is installed via a third party then our supplier may need proof of the breakdown and the method of installation. If units are installed incorrectly the warranty is void. CHT Joinery accepts no responsibility for units installed by 3rd parties. Details for correct installation are available on request or via our suppliers website. Please ask for details or see website.

Provided the glazing in question is covered by our suppliers warranty they will supply a replacement unit. Please note that this warranty only covers the resupply of the unit. It DOES NOT cover the removal and installation of the new unit or labour and consumables required to do so. CHT Joinery is not liable for labour, consumables, and other costs required for the replacement; including but not limited to silicone, glazing tapes, packers, new timber beading, access platforms etc.


Our hardware is supplied via many suppliers and as such is covered by varying warranties and lengths of cover.

Brio Hardware

Our sliding and folding hardware supplier (BRIO) provides a 10 year manufacturers guarantee. This covers varying aspects of their hardware. For full details of warranty and care and maintenance guidelines please see

Locks, Mechanisms, Hinges

Locking mechanisms, handles, hinges and other hardware items except afforementioned Brio products are usually covered by a 1 year warantee. For exact details please contact us and we can provide full warantee details for each product. Unless otherwise stated the warantee on these items is assumed to be 1 year.


External joinery installations are guaranteed for 5 years against failure and water ingress provided we fully finished the installation. In situations where tradespersons or customers are finishing installations relating but not limites to rendering, trims, sealants and other elements relating to the overall finishing of the installation; CHT Joinery is not liable for any issues relating to water ingress or other issues that occur.

Where 3rd  party installation instructions have been supplied, CHT Joinery will install to these instructions and are not accountable if failure or issues arise. If CHT Joinery needs to alter the installation procedure in any way due to any reason this will be discussed with the client and relevant parties before hand and agreed in principal, verbally or otherwise. CHT Joinery is not liable for any issues that arise under these conditions.

Where finished floors, screeds, window boards etc are installed after frame installation and/or wet trades are present, CHT Joinery is not liable for any issues that arise after installation. This includes but is not limited to; lack of thermal breaks against frame sections and finished floors; damaged or missing DPC from floor installations; damage or staining of timber sections, hardware and glazing; pitting, tea staining or rusting of hardware through excess air humidity; discolouration of seals from site dust and excess moisture; swelling of timber from excess air moisture; any other damage or failure due to other parties.

All Installations should be inspected by building control which is the customers obligation.

Internal joinery installations i.e. staircases are guaranteed for 5 years against defects and failure. Creaks that arise after installation are not classed as a defect and are not covered by the guarantee.



What will be done to correct an issue?

As the end supplier of the above items as part of our finished product we are your first point of contact to correct any issues. If an issue arises with any part of our product, please contact us via email describing the issue in as much detail as possible. We can then arrange to visit if neccessary or/and arrange replacement parts.

The replacement parts may come direct from the manufacturer or through CHT Joinery depending on the parts/product required.

Provided the parts are covered by the manufacturers warranty you will receive the same product as a replacement. In the event of a product being discontinued, the manufacturer will be able to offer a suitable alternative of the same or higher quality than the original.

Please note that this warranty only covers the supply of the part. It DOES NOT cover the removal and installation of the new part and consumables required to do so. CHT Joinery is not liable for labour, consumables, and other costs required for the replacement; including but not limited to screws, silicone, access platforms etc.

What is not included?

The warranty does not cover defects or malfunction caused by misuse, abuse or improper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, or use with equipment with which it is not intended to be used. It doesn’t cover cosmetic or incidental damages.

Quick Reference Guide

Part / Product            –               Warranty Time

Joinery                                         10 years*

Glass                                             5 years*

Hardware                                     1 – 10 years ^


* See details above for full terms

^ Dependant on manufacturer