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Published on 1st January 2024 by CHT Joinery

Sapele Greenhouse With Glass Roof

Our customer came to us to replace their existing leanto greenhouse which was looking old and rotten. The roofing also looked stained and was letting in very little sunlight.


Summer 2018
Sapele Hardwood Greenhouse



Stormproof Sashes

Alukap XR Glass Roof

Toughened Glazing

We decided that Sapele hardwood would be the best option for durability. The roof was changed to clear toughened glazing rather than polycarb sheeting which dulls over time. The greenhouse was coated in Osmo Uv Protection Oil to give a 5 year maintenance cycle. 

Once we had manufactured the new greenhouse we removed the existing structure and prepared the brickwork

The new greenhouse was sat in position and fixed and sealed to the walls. A new wall plate was then attached to the wall under the lead flashing and joists fixed to take the glass roof.

The glass roof was then installed using the Alukap XR system giving a  maintenance free solution. Gutters were then installed which drain across the flower beds into the garden rather than to drainage.