Our Commitment To The Environment


As a civilisation, environmental concerns are at at the forefront of our daily lives. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on mother nature. At CHT Joinery, we try to reduce our carbon footprint by minimising waste and only using durable materials and components.

What we do

As a bespoke manufacture, we tailor each job to ensure minimal wastage of raw materials. All recyclable waste materials are either recycled or reused and our landfill waste is minimal.

All our timber is from sustainable, responsibly managed forests, either accredited by the FSC or certified as sustainable. Our sawdust is given to local stables and timber offcuts are used as firewood. 


We recycle all our plastics, glass, cardboard and paper. We reuse all our cardboard boxes for resending items or for protecting our joinery during transit.

Landfill Waste

We keep our landfill waste to an absolute minimal. Only MDF is an issue as most other waste we create during our business practices are reused or recycled.


We use all our mdf waste as packers or mixing boards. Only after reuse does our MDF waste end up at landfill. Sawdust is given to local stables and timber offcuts are used on our log fires.

Sustainable Timber

We only use timber from responsibly managed forests. Whether the timber is from Brazil, America or Europe, the forest is managed to ensure sustainability and fair treatment to the foresters.


Durable Hardware

The hardware we utilise for all our joinery is the best available. For example: all hinges are ball bearing stainless steel and tested to many thousands of cycles to ensure they keep working for the lifespan of the joinery.

Coating Systems

We try to use paint systems which give a long lasting finish while containing less VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) than others available. These systems are more expensive but are less harmful to the environment and wildlife during and after their use than the cheaper alternatives.

Our Latest Work

We keep our customers up to date with the progress of their project. We even keep a blog of our main projects for potential customers to see. Select a project below to see the progress stages of each or view our archive of previous projects.